PS3 Sometimes Reading Discs, freezing, overheating?? help

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PS3 Sometimes Recognizes Games, Freezes, possibly overheating? Hey all, Would REALLY appreciate help here, because I'm about at my wits end (and it has nothing to do with PSN.) OK, back in January, my Ps3 froze, and then wasn't recognizing disks. I sent it into videogame911, they diagnosed it as Blue Ray Failure, replaced it, and sent me $140 back. I had a 90 day warranty on it, which has now passed by about 15 days (figures). So, I'm playing NHL 11 yesterday, and mid game, the announcers stop talking, but the game keeps playing. Then, at the end of the period, the game freezes up, and I can't do anything but restart. I restart, and it's not recognizing the game. I'm thinking F*ck, it can't be Blue ray laser, how is this happening again. I gave it an hour, came back, and it was recognizing the disk. I played NHL, and had the same thing happen, midway through the game, the announcers stopped, and it froze again. I've done the PS3 menu and done restore file system, and restore PS3. Neither are helping. I notice that after it freezes, if I restart it won't recognize the game is even in there. If I give it a few hours and go back, it will recognize the game, and let me play for 15-20 minutes, before freezing. Feeling the vent on the side, it feels pretty hot. Although I admit, I've never really felt it in comparison when I wasn't having any problems. This is the older bigger PS3. I'm past PS3 warranty. Any help is greatly appreciated. I don't have the budget to throw down another $150 for it.
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No doubt it's the bluray drive again, the one that they replaced it with was probably a crappy one you see for sale on ebay from china, those have been known to fail even within a week, you might have to buy a new console, or send it to sony, I think they fix it (send you a refurbished ps3) for $99 out of warrenty, if you do send it to sony, back up your save data, or you will lose it.

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You can also open it up and try to clean the lens, it's helped some people, there are youtube videos on how to do it.

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It's blue ray even if it sometimes reads it just fine? For some reason I was thinking this was an overheating issue since it seemed really hot. Will PS3 send refurbished out of warranty if the seal is broken?
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Are you using an old 40GB model? This sounds like a common problem with those models. If so, it's most likely a problem with the laser disc reader.

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Thanks for all the help. Video Game 911 seemed like a pretty reliable place. sounds like I dished out $140 for a $5 laser. It's the oldest model out there, but it's the bigger of the two or three they originally came out with. Not sure how many MB it is to be honest.
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Is it black and chrome or black and arctic silver? Or solid black?

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Which now that I think of it, all fat PS3 models before the last couple iterations they released have pretty cheap faulty disc drives. I've been lucky my 40GB has managed to last as long as it has. Atm it takes it a bit longer to load a disc and sometimes (very rarely) it acts as if I didn't put a disc in it.