PlayStation Users ID exchange Thread

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#152 Posted by MarCUZGUNgezE10 (9 posts) -

So need some more friends on PSN. Did not want to follow my friends over to the Xbone and the scam that is Xbox LIVE! I'll add anyone to bolster my friends list and rub it in their faces. Thanks GS community.

GS ID: marcuzgungeze10 / PSN ID: MarcuzGUNgezE10

#153 Posted by slimdogmilionar (682 posts) -

slimdogmilionar slimdogmilionaire

#154 Posted by shellcase86 (2077 posts) -

Quick question I've asked in another thread. I just got a PS4 two weeks ago, my free PS+ is about over. What's the best way (deal/value) to subscribe to PS+? I know it's only $50 for the year (in U.S.), but was wondering if there were some little-known avenues or orgs. to get a suibuscription for cheaper.

Or is it pretty much standard rate no matter what?

#155 Posted by kk806483 (8 posts) -

Add me : psn kk806483.

Fifa, nba2k and madden

#156 Posted by heatedmagic (11 posts) -

GameSpot: heatedmagic

PSN: HeateDMaGic

Playing: Grand Theft Auto 5, NBA 2k14, Battlefield

#157 Posted by PiscesAnimeGirl (234 posts) -


PSN ID: SacredWarrior88

#158 Posted by Revelstone (28 posts) -

Cool idea, sorry I'm late to the party. I'm looking to hang with older ppl as I'm an old guy myself but if your not an immature nub then feel free to add me.


Currently playing- Tomb Raider:DE, Warframe, Dead Nation and Resogun on PS4 and The Last of Us and Payday 2 on PS3.

#159 Posted by shayboss_1 (6 posts) -

Gamespot: shayboss_1

PSN ID: illestproducer94

#160 Posted by RealCamBam (21 posts) -

My PSN ID is RealCamBam add me

#161 Posted by CourtneeChaos (6 posts) -

My PSN is WillNCourt1021

Feel free to add. We have a Ps3 and a vita at the moment.

#162 Posted by navyguy21 (13058 posts) -

Just got my PS4!!!

Will have a new PSN for you guys to add me. My old one wont carry over for some reason. Was only Level 4 so its cool ;P

#163 Posted by jasonredemption (410 posts) -

GameSpot: jasonredempion

PSN: jason_redemption

I have PS3, PS Vita and PS4. I like arcade racers, third-person-shooters, action rpgs and the occasional fps. I also like mature gamers.

#164 Posted by Roxas658 (111 posts) -

PSN is: kristina658 feel free to add me :)

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Look at sig.

#166 Posted by Myst1cDragon (3 posts) -

Hello Everyone, My PSN ID is PrimeDarkDragon, I hope you add me! (P.S I am new here)

#167 Posted by billy503 (22 posts) -


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I'm game for this, i'm up for a BF4 clan

Gamespot name is twiggeeh PSN ID is Twiggeeeh

#169 Posted by Sokol4ever (6324 posts) -

Feel free to add, PS4 ID: Lt_Sokol

#170 Posted by DelphoxTheMage (6 posts) -

PSN ID is the same as my name here. Just made the account so not many trophies unlocked just yet. :)

#171 Posted by MacaroniMoses (670 posts) -

PSN: orangejuicifer

#172 Posted by DBZxDiExHARD (27 posts) -


PSN ID: shadowspade15

I'd love to hear from anyone. ;)

#173 Edited by ShadowsDemon (9481 posts) -

PSN: Kerwan_ratchet

Anyone, please add me...just let me know you're from GameSpot :)

Also, anyone need help with Dark Souls 2?

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Gamespot id : foxxmulder psn: id foxxmulder.

I'm playing dead nation right now, more games to come. Please add me so we can play.

#175 Posted by The_Merc98 (13 posts) -

PS3: DemonFOX74

PS4: The_Merc98

#176 Posted by Moe4646 (6 posts) -

Add me if you're a mature gamer who enjoys online shooters and sports games. Playing COD, BF4, Madden. Own a PS4.

Had a group who wouldn't leave xbox and I won't buy Xbone.

Plan to play MLB The Show, Destiny, Watchdogs.

Gamespot: moe4646

PSN: Moses4747

#177 Posted by ConsoleTV (10 posts) -

User: ConsoleTV

ID: bonezuk2008

#178 Posted by TJ-Yoshi (11 posts) -

My name here and on PSN is TJ-Yoshi ....I play all types of games. Currently playing Infamous SS, FIFA, and Dead Nation. I'm 24, all my friends got the xbox one so I need people to play with

#179 Posted by Kreative666 (19 posts) -

Feel free to add me: Kreative666

Always up for a game of NBA 2k14 on ps4 :)

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Recently made a new PSN account (hate that you can't pay to change your name) and need some new friends to go along with it. I've been sticking to a lot of single player game lately but hoping to jump into a good multiplayer game soon. I have a PS3 and PS4.

Add me: theothernormal

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New to PS4 looking for friends. PSN ID: Skeptakyl

#182 Posted by teddie2chainz (8 posts) -

Teddie2chainz is my PSN name, I play Black Ops II, Ghost, and Test Drive Unlimited II.

#183 Posted by RAMBO2002 (29 posts) -

My PSN ID is : Rambo2002

Feel free to add me.

#184 Posted by MWright469 (168 posts) -

MWright469, PSN ID: GreenMagic469.

Anybody who feels like playing some Killzone or Warhawk, hit me up.

#185 Posted by Hardeepmeghera (6 posts) -

Anyone up for some FIFA 14 or BF4 clan kinda fun. PSN id: hardeepmeghera.

#186 Posted by MohammedGohary (16 posts) -

Gamespot ID: MohammedGohary

PSN: MohammedGohary

Console: PS3

Games I Play Online: FIFA 14 - GTA V - Top Spin 4

#187 Posted by doublewhiskey88 (9 posts) -

My PSN is DoubleWhiskey88 Feel Free to add me

#188 Posted by Arcturus-Prime (57 posts) -

Hi there, thank you for the thread. I just joined gamespot! I recently bought a ps3 and would love to add you guys. My PSN ID is Arcturus-Prime.

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Gamespot ID - MBirdy88

PSN - MBirdy88


Surrounded by Hermit friends (though it is my main platform) and friggin Xbox One friends... need some PS4/Vita friends :P

#190 Posted by ShadowsDemon (9481 posts) -

PSN: Kerwan_ratchet

Please add me....just lemme know you're from gamespot and we're all good. :)

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Add me, I'm playing NBA 2K14 and Assassin's Creed 4. Soon, Battlefield 4.

Anybody want to start a team for the park on 2K14. If so, send me a message. I'm tired of playing with randoms who never pass.

#192 Edited by AnubisofSumeria (213 posts) -


PSN ID - DixianoT1

Frequent gamer, will be playing WATCHDOGS multiplayer alot and many more cool games coming this year

from the UK and am 26 years old....

feel free to add and play with us (Y)

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Age 33 from the UK. None smoker. I enjoy going to the cinema and walks in the rain... Seriously though I'm looking to beef up my friends list ahead of TLOU remastered and Destiny for some fresh multiplayer hijinks.

Any UK based players (due to time constraints, nothing against my US bretheren) then add me PSN: AST2008

Currently playing: PS4: Warframe (very badly), Killzone:SF (like a child) PS3: TLOU Multiplayer.

#195 Posted by Prince_Denspion (2636 posts) -

Gamespot ID: Prince_Denspion, PSN: Sun_Wukong

now gaming on the PS4, the more friends the merrier.

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PSN ID: Crycec

Gamespot: Wristbreaker

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Hello feel free to add me.

My PSN is Emissaryofwolves.

From Wolvespride.

#199 Posted by perkinsj26 (86 posts) -

Recently picked up a PS4 and looking for some folks to game with. ID is Rhinoperk

#200 Posted by The_Last_Ride (74204 posts) -

@perkinsj26 said:

Recently picked up a PS4 and looking for some folks to game with. ID is Rhinoperk

Where have you been you old Fuser!?