Need Help PSP not recognized by computer

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#1 Posted by Makedonijo (351 posts) -
can someone please help me out my computer wont recognize my psp its saying that my psp is an unknown device im on Windows Vista Home Premium can someone plz help me out
#2 Posted by fynne (8078 posts) -
Weird. You'd think that Vista would have no problems with it. Try the PSP on another USB jack and see if it makes a difference. Also make sure that Vista is up to date with MS patches. You might want to try the PSP and USB cable on another PC to elimate those 2 as suspects.
#3 Posted by bigdaddy9202 (152 posts) -
Well I have not had that problem but I have a psp folder on my computer and I always go through my removable device software
#4 Posted by zaku101 (4370 posts) -
Well it's probably Vista. Give it a try on a normal Xp computer. Also try running windows vista auto update.
#5 Posted by riccardo15 (9 posts) -
maybe you lost the folders on the memcard
#6 Posted by Bgrngod (5733 posts) -
do you have the PSP in USB Mode?
#7 Posted by Makedonijo (351 posts) -

yes i have the psp in usb mode but nothing will show up in my computer maybe i have to update my psp, im gunna try that

#8 Posted by wish4and (1 posts) -
I just got the same problem as you, I tried many ways like updating the driver, replacing cable, formatting memory stick, but it didn't work. I just incidentally disable the PCI to usb enhanced host controller in device manager, and it works now. My PC recognizes my PSP as USB 1.1 Device. (I am using WinXP BTW, I dont know how you can acces the device manager in Vista, but if you do, just find something similiar like the one I bold above)
#9 Posted by LongWay2Go (362 posts) -
Uh, I don't know what's the problem with yours but I'm on Vista too and it works pretty well. You can try Googling.
#10 Posted by ChiddaPotta (1670 posts) -

do you have the PSP in USB Mode?Bgrngod

Lol. I was thinking the same thing. But I guess I was wrong.

But, my PSP works fine on vista and xp. try google.

#11 Posted by Franconomicon (198 posts) -

This aren't a Vista Problem, because I have Windows Vista and my PSP is always recognized

#12 Posted by naju890_963 (8954 posts) -

yes i have the psp in usb mode but nothing will show up in my computer maybe i have to update my psp, im gunna try that

You dont have to uptade something is wrong on your pc drive try cleaning it up.
#13 Posted by pokolvrolok (409 posts) -

Errr, Perhaps it has something to do with your memory stick.

:S I'm not exactly sure though.

If problems persist, Try getting one of those USB memory stick adaptor thingies (sorry, I dont know the actual name) and so If the computer still doesn't recognise it...then you know that the memory stick is the problem and you may need a new one.

My old one stopped working....a tiny bit at the end snapped off xD My PSP or Computer wouldn't recognise it and so I had to resort to using my really old 1GB memory stick which I got when I bought the PSP (Which was shortly after its' release)