my ps3 isn't working

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#1 Posted by magicfairy (7 posts) -

so i hod to restart my ps3 and now when ever i turn it on i have to go through the set up page. as i am doing this the words become grainy. now after going through it all, all i have is a blank screen..

someone please HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!

#2 Posted by Nonstop-Madness (9484 posts) -

Try changing the video cable. If that doesn't work, try restoring the file system.

Hopefully the GPU isn't fried.

#3 Posted by magicfairy (7 posts) -

now all it does is freeze do you know why that might be happening?

#4 Posted by SpiderLuke (523 posts) -

I paid Sony twice $90 to replace it. Might just have to ship it. They'll do it for $90.