MW2: Best Search and Destroy class/es

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What classes can you recommend for me? I kinda like to rush in at first incautiously but vigorously, and play it safe as more and more people on my team die off, keeping a sneaky but quick-paced gameplay style. Any call of duty vets like me with recommendations? Like perks or weapons that you've found invaluable? Just wondering because I wanted to improve my S & D score for some clan matches. I've asked around with some people online, everyone seems to have something different. I'm going with general consensus and what sounds well-rounded to me. Shout-out whatever you think would be useful!

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For pub match rushing I use MP5K silenced with a deagle. Perks I use are marathon pro, lightweight pro and ninja pro. Marathon pro - Obviously needed to rush. Lightweight pro - Quickly aim after running gains invaluable seconds and also you can rush faster. Ninja pro - Nubs with heartbeats wont know what hit em. This class works a dream, I get at least two or three kills a round with this. :)
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I've only played two matches of S&D and both times I used:

UMP45 /Silencer
M9 /Akimbo
Throwing Knife
Smoke Grenade
Cold Blooded

I lost both times:P