Motorstorm Apocalypse Online

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So, I played this game a lot when it first came out, and had an absolute blast playing this online. It was super competitive and every race was close and exciting.

Then the PSN outage happened so I stopped playing it for awhile. Finally pulled it out again this week, and I can't seem to crack the top 10 anymore. I usually finish most three lap races in about 3:20-3:40 depending on the track, but there are people getting times that are sub-2:30.

How is this possible? Are people cheating? Are there mega-shortcuts that I don't know about? This is why I hate playing games online.

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How active is this online? It's on sale at the moment and I'm pondering getting it.

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It's relatively active if you're playing at the right time. I'm just not sure how fair it is. Back then all the races were competitive, now they're just blowouts.