LBPV porting forward on my router.

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#1 Posted by lilnazar (1923 posts) -

Ok, so im not 100% sure if its my network or the players network. But i get alot of "failed to connect to players". I read on the webz, that it has to do with ports and all that. But im not quite sure if i even have problems with my router or not. But either way i want to port forward on LBPV. So the question is how do i do it? Note: I dont have any Linksys router, or belkin or anything like that. But i do have a router called "TN" or something. Is there like a basic port forwarding for all routers?

#2 Posted by aryanbrar (2089 posts) -

go into settings, then network and click on network test. if the nate type is 3 then theres a problem.

#3 Posted by lilnazar (1923 posts) -

No i have NAT type 2. I checked it.

#4 Posted by aryanbrar (2089 posts) -

then ports are opened correctly, so no problem there. it could be your internet(maybe your isp is throttling you.) or the other persons internet. whos your isp if you don't mind telliing.