Killzone liberation chapter 5 problems

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#1 Posted by 4zb41 (2 posts) -

I have downloaded the update from the downloads option on the main menu, but when i go to see if there is a chapter 5, there is not. There also aren't any of those new abilities that are mentioned on other websites. The only things that have changed are:

1: There is a V1.2 picture at the bottom left of the main menu

2: The "downloads" thing at the main menu is flashing

3: I can play combat zone online

4: i can go to from the main menu (don't know if this is new though)

Anybody help please?

#2 Posted by SadAngelman (379 posts) -
The flashing downloads menu means theres another update available. Theres actually two updates you have to download. The first update gives the game online play & after downloading & installing it your game will restart then the download menu will flash so use the download option again & download the second update which gives you chapter 5. Then your done.
#3 Posted by 4zb41 (2 posts) -
thanks. I will download it immediately! (tomorrow)
#4 Posted by thecrazymonkey2 (1 posts) -
hey i have a problem when i go to downloads and i press it it loads up the website and then it says something about memory, go to tools settings and press memory conserve, i have that and it still wont load idk y it wont work for me it used to before killzone 3 came out
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Yeah me too so.....................weird,unfair.