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#1 Posted by Zombelious (769 posts) -
I can't play FF12 on here either! Stupid memory cards and controllers...
#2 Posted by TimothyB (6564 posts) -
You should be able to play the latest final fantasy game, as there should be a PS2 memory card utlitiy on the PS3 to create virtual memory cards for PS2 games on the HDD.

Though, it's a little more complicated to get a PS2 controller like the guitar hooked to the PS3, but there could be an adapter.
#3 Posted by trav_have (5566 posts) -
Theres gonna be an attachment that lets you play guitar hero. Also an attachment that lets you get your PS2 file on the PS3.
#4 Posted by kinq (931 posts) -
Nyko, a 3rd party company, is making a guitar similar to the PS2's Guitar Hero guitar. You can also buy an adapter to connect your old PS2 controllers and guitar to the PS3. For memory cards, you can choose to save all your data on the hard drive of the system or if you want to use your PS2 memory cards, you may also buy an adapter for memory cards.
#5 Posted by caseystryker (5405 posts) -
I believe Nyko is releasing a ps2 controller to ps3 adaptor soon.