Good FPS Games for PS4?

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Hey guys, I just got the Ps4 and was wondering what is a good game to get for it. I want a FPS game, so I am debating between COD Ghosts, BF4 Or Kz Shadow Fall?

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i would either go BF4 or Killzone shadow fall as COD ghosts has lost the novelty of the previous COD's ,

BF4 has massive 64 player battles online and the ability too take down buildings and drive vehicles.

Killzone focuses more on the gunplay which feels great.

both campaigns arent that good compared to the multiplayer but i like killzone single player alot more than BF's

Killzone has better visual design and i think is technically better.

so its your choice :)

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BF4 and KZ shadow fall

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killzone sf

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Cod Ghosts is literally a rehash of older CODs, even using similar scenes. BF4 has an amazing MP but a mediocre SP while KZSF has a better SP with a mediocre MP

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BF4 will probably last you the longest.

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I actually have both KZ and COD...I really didn't plan it that way though! Anyway, if I had to choose I would say go with KZ or BF and wait to get a discounted version of COD.

It's not that COD is bad, it's just that it's an updated version of the first modern warfare.

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As of Now. Just Killzone. CoD and BF4 are garbage.

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I think Killzone:shadow fall and Battlefield 4 are better to play

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Killzone Shadow Fall

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I only have Killzone, so I can't really recommend the other two, but I will tell you that based on what I've played of KZ so far it's definitely not worth the price of admission. I only got the game because Amazon was doing a "buy two get one sale" at time of launch and this was my "one". It's just meh for a FPS. Nothing that hasn't been done before. The single player story is silly too. Oh well, it's a launch game; can't really expect an unprecedented experience.