FFXV reminds me of the Vita

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The internet talks about how awesome it is going to be just because of some flashy trailer. Meanwhile the masses simply won't care. Seriously you think FFXV and KH3 will be good just because they are on PS4? LOL SE have completely forgotten what made the series compelling. Its game over for FF. Lightning Returns shows that.

A bunch of brainwashed forum posters does not equal mass market success. Final Fantasy is a shadow of its former self and a platform shift won't change that. Watch as the masses give it the finger as they have realized the truth that Final Fantasy is garbage now and nobody cares besides a bunch of blind nostalgic fanboys who still believe anything SE tell them.

XIII-2 will make this right. We promise. Ok Lightning Returns then...... but we still have Versus. Now its XV. Yes you have XV but when the XIII trilogy and XIV sucked hard why will this be different? No chance this game will be profitable after how long its been in DH. As for Kingdom Hearts 3 you just haven't seen Square Enix screw it up yet. It will still suck. These flopping will finally lead to the death of this company and I can't wait until all the fanboys wake up and see what flops these two games are. lol flashy trailers = win amirite SE defense force? BTW what did great graphics do to FFXIII again?

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The tone this was written in is awfully obnoxious... Nobody knows how good XV is going to be until it gets here. Also, you obviously don't have a Vita or you'd know that it's a great system. Was this post meant for system wars? Just curious...