Dokuro up now Nov.6 on Canada and Mexico

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#1 Posted by DeviIHuman (203 posts) -

My friend from Mexico is asking me if Dokuro is available in Mexico? I can't answer him since I'm not in the same country.

Just asking if anyone here lived in Canada or Mexico if Dokuro can be seen on PSN?

#2 Posted by optiplex7 (738 posts) -

Its on the Canadian psn for 19.99 now.

#3 Posted by DeviIHuman (203 posts) -

Its on the Canadian psn for 19.99 now.


Oh thanks, what about Mexico?

#4 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
Doesn't your friend have access to the PSN?
#5 Posted by DeviIHuman (203 posts) -

errr so hard to talk to him like English giberrish also he is newbie in terms portable console. lol
That's why I am asking if it is available in Mexico to end our discussion lol. :)

#6 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
How will it benefit him to know whether a download-only game is available if he doesn't even know how to access the store it's available on?
#7 Posted by DeviIHuman (203 posts) -

Ok now he knows how to access PSN Oh my goodness! Now he saw it in PSN lol