Best way to clean a blu ray disc or game ?

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Hey all, recently ran into a problem with a blu ray I rented from blockbuster. Had excessive smudges on it that resulted in it freezing halfway through the movie so I actually cleaned it using a lightly dampened tissue and it worked great after that. Anyone know a better way to clean a blu ray thats dirty ?

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Probably follow the same cleaning directions that are given for CD's, since it's essentially the same thing. It's recommended to wipe from the center of the disc towards the outer edge with a lint free cloth in a straight line. This requires many wipes, but going in a circular motion will supposedly damage the disc.
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i always use windex, window cleaner, i dont really worry about how to wipe and it always works for me.
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A clean dry lint free cloth.

Wipe from the middle to the outside and work your way around.

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With CD's and DVD's the surface could get scratched very easy, but with Blu-Ray the surface is so hard that there almost impossible to scratch. Most mild cleaners should remove the oil from the Blu-Ray with no problem while on CD's or DVD's you gotta be careful about what you use.
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best way i know of is with a 50%alchole and 50% water sulution "great on LCD screens" and a minrofiber cloth or a SOFT cotton cloth. best to dampen the cloth and not to spray directly on the disk