Anime Expo: Daganronpa, Holy Sorcery Story, Demon Gaze in English!

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This Anime Expo has been very interesting for the Vita, as three Japanese games have been announced for localization:


- Danganronpa (NISA)

- Holy Sorcery Story: the Curse of the Great Curry God (Aksys)

- Demon Gaze (NISA)


Unfortunately, it looks like the NISA version of Daganronpa won't contain both episode 1 and 2 as the Japanese one, but just episode 1.


No spcific release date has yet been stated for any of them.


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That's good to know that there's more JRPG games coming to the PS Vita

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I was happy to hear about Demon Gaze. I will look into the other two.
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Didn't have time to find out, it waz some awesome 4 day event though.

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now if they could just announce localization for mind=0, we will be golden