sleeping dogs : What the best graphics setting ?

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#1 Posted by Alessandro1001 (438 posts) -

Every setting is max except AA is normal and I get solid 60 fps , but there is stutter , I read some threads , and the best option was to change pre-render to 1 in nvidia control panel , it's was ok but still some stutter , and when I use window mod all stutter goes .
I want to play in full mode , what is the best setting to do that without stutter ??

My pc
Windows 7 64 pit

16 GB ram

Intel core i7 processor - 990x

680 gtx

#2 Posted by the_bi99man (11059 posts) -

Hmm. No idea. You shouldn't have any trouble maxing it out with that rig, and I haven't heard of many issues with stuttering. Might be a driver issue. Make sure you got the latest drivers and see if it helps.

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If you're using vsync, ake sure you're forcing vsync through Nvidia Panel, not in-game menu option.

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Turning the AA setting to high kills performance

#5 Posted by alessandro2727 (34 posts) -
I already turn AA to normal in game and I get 60 fps all time but little stutter and with window mode the game is so smooth, I also update my drivers to 310.70 beta