Scary games (not necessarily "horror") of recent years

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I miss the scares I got from some games I've recently played: Dead Space 1 and 2, Alan Wake, Metro 2033, F.E.A.R.

I'd appreciate recommendations for other "scary" games.


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@MonsieurX: outlast and slenderman come to mind

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Outlast is terrifying. :D

Also try Among the Sleep. It's not as scary as the ones you mentioned, but it's good.

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@harry_james_pot: I enjoyed Outlast. I need to check out the DLC at some point.

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@gameofthering said:

@harry_james_pot: I enjoyed Outlast. I need to check out the DLC at some point.

Same here. Good thing the summer sale is in 2 days. :D

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@MonsieurX: Spot on with Amnesia. Penumbra Black Plague is also just as good and scary.

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Not really recent, fairly old. Stalker: Shadow Of Chernobyl.

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The problem with all the games you mentioned, except for Stalker, is that they don't let you fight back, which is something I'd like to be able to do. I've played Stalker probably 5 times, but never finished it. The basic stuff like shooting felt weird and just not fun.

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Doom 3, yeah I said it :) I really liked the game even though it did get a little repetitive.