Q: Can my pc run this?

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Hey so I'm not a big pc gamer, but I found that CSS is on sale and I was thinking about getting. However, I am not sure if my pc can run it smoothly. I have no idea about pc specs but I've been using the systemrequirmentlab site to determind it.

I have everything at recommonded expect for CPU Speed. Counter strike source says that it recommends a 3.0 ghz to run the game, but I have a 1.7 ghz with a performance rate of 2.21 ghz. (The minmium is 1.7 GHZ) I was wondering if i can run this game smoothly or not to see if its worth buying.

Thanks! (sorry for the noob questions)

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Get CS GO, Currently playing it, very fun

You can play on lowest graphics with no problem probably, What's your GPU?

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I have no idea but I currntly have: AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics and it says I need AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor or better. Other than that, according to the systemlab thing I can run it.

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The game right now is dirt cheap CS Complete for only 7.5$, so it's not like you're taking too much risk, But it should run just fine, You can always play CS 1.6

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Alright Ill buy both just wanted to know if i had a chance lol . Thanks for the help! :)