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I have found the no cd crack all over the place and have downloaded it tried to use it and it dont work! I know this is an old game now but does anybody know how to play the game without the play cd in? Every now and then when the cd rom goes nuts i can pull out the disk and the gamedoesnt notice for some reason and the gameplay is way smoother and faster. Like if your driving extremely fast and suddenly the road vanishes into like a glass sheet instead of road, but without the disk in the drive that does not occur. If anybody knows how to play this game without the disk in the drive please let me know!

Thanks to all in advance.,

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Well Im gonna answer my own question LOL I have been to tons of message boards on the net and nobody has a clue how to do this but me it seems now! All e1 says is you need the no cd crack which is very easy to find because the same exact file is all over the net! But this is how you do it.....

1. You need ither 2 hard drives in your tower or splt 1 into 2 drives.

2. copy the play cd to your d drive (dont copy to any folder just d:\

3. place the install disk into your cd rom and begin installing GTA Vice City

4. when it asks click to install radio stations.

5 when it asks to insert the radio stations disk into the cd rom, browes to tell it the disk is d:\ (your hard drive)

6. then it will continue to install the GTA Vice City

7. once the installation is complete, copy the no cd crack to rockstar games folder in program files, you will see in that folder an .exe file with the same icon, overwrite that one with the crack version.

8. then you may play GTA Vice City without any cd in the cd rom drive!


to be honest with you im not even sure you need the no cd crack for this to work! but dont quote me because i havent tried that..................yet anyways!

Finally this issue has been resolved, pretty funny after seing a million discussions on this and idiots saying crap like "you ither know binary or you dont" WHAT? LMAO


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no one has an answers, cause youre not aloud to talk about this on majority of forums. So lock this topic up please :D