DVD disc drive is making a loud noise

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#1 Posted by x-2tha-z (8904 posts) -
When I put a disc in my DVD player and press play there is a very loud noise coming from the DVD drive. It sounds like a mixture of the disc vibrating and a creaky door. Anyone know what the problem is or how I can fix it?
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I doubt there's a lot you can do, other than replace the player. Perhaps if you list the brand and model of your player, someone else has had similar noise issues.

Another alternative would be to use (from your sig I assume you own) the 360 or PS3 to play movies. At least the PS3 will upscale regular dvds - not sure about the 360.

Another option would be to get a dvd burner for your PC/laptop (whichever you post on gamespot with). - There you'd also have the capability of backing-up important files.

#3 Posted by x-2tha-z (8904 posts) -
My bad. I should've listed the make and model. ^^Thanks^^. It's a Sony RDR GX-350 DVD recorder. Anyone know how to stop this noise?
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Any chance it's under warranty? I'd suggest calling Sony.

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Any chance it's under warranty? I'd suggest calling Sony.

Unfortunately it is out of warranty. I'll phone Sony tomorrow and see if they can help. Their helpline isn't open today.
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I tried searching google for noise issues with that model recorder, but didn't seem to find much of anything.

Personally, I have an Apex dvd player from around 2001 that had an issue with noise, I think disks, once they went into the machine, weren't sitting flat enough, causing excess vibration in the drive. I never got it fixed, and haven't used it for a while.

I guess one thing you can cty is to place a disk as close to the center of the drive tray as possible, and/or try placing it toward different edges, and see if certain placement helps lower some of the noise.

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If it was the components of the drive i think you would get an instant message that something was wrong my bet is that somethimg might be stuck inside. I have a laptop that this happened to and once i took it apart i found a button curtosey of my three yr old in it. After taking it out it works great to this day give it a shot. You can always buy a new drive.

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i have had 2 dvd drives go out on me. both of them made that noise at first. then they stoped playing dvds. then it stopped burning. the second one still played movies but wouldnt get no sound. i would get ready to buy a new one in a few months if i were you