Buying Gaming Laptop

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Hello :D

I'm soon going to buy a gaming laptop, and I need some recommendations!
My budget is: 1600 USD
No Alienware laptops please, they're too big for my use. Other than that,
any laptops will do!

- Nima :D

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Lenova Y510p?

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The Lenovo is a good value, but at $1600 you could get a MSI GT60/GT70 or customized Sager laptop. Try to get at least a Nvidia 770m/AMD 8970m.

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I got a sagar earlier this year with i7 4700mq and amd 8970m. I paid 1450 i believe. It runs everything great so far, but then again I game primarily on my desktop

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@Gaming-Planet said:

Lenova Y510p?

i own this laptop and am very satisfied with it thus far. i'm sure it will eventually run into some problems with running newer games on max settings but right now it's fine. I play all the batmans and borderlands on max. my budget was $1000 when i got this and i mainly needed it for school, the gaming components was a bonus. if you want to save money, I would definitely recommend this laptop.