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Hi. Im planning on buying a software to record movies of computer games, example FRAPS but not FRAPS. Whats the best video capture software to buy in shops. Max Price range around £100. I have seen sony vegas, can this software do this but also what other ones are good too. I want to by these in shops such as PC world i dont want to buy of 3rd party websites.


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sorry for double posting.

as well does this software do what i want it to do.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11

Pinnacle Studio 500-USB V10 - Home Video Editor

Ulead - Ulead Video Studio 11.5 Plus

Or am i way off?. lol. All these ive found in PC world website.

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FRAPS lowers performance but it's the best there is another one out there that is also good but I can't remember the name. If your recording games just download Xfire is has a game cam built in and a picture,chat and everything gaming related you need.
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what about this?.

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I am not familiar with the commercial products you mention but I do occasionally use camstudio (freeware) and that does the job for me. Check it out.
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that device will work, but you a) need s-video or composite out for your PC/video card. You are going to be restricted to compressed video and small size. It won't effect game framerates at all.

What do you want to do exactly? Xfire is free and has recorder for most video games, configurable to certain sizes, then you can convert that uncompressed to whatever file you like.