Age Requirement for M games online?:

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It wasn't illegal for you to buy games under rated M. It's just a choice by the retailers to not sell to people under the age of 17. A lot of smaller chains wouldn't care. 

Also you can register an Origin and Steam account no problem. I think their minimum is like 13 years old.

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So? Change the email on that one to something else and make a new one.

(that's of couse if you dont have anything worthwhile on that account)

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So I just turned 17 about 5 days ago and thus can legally buy and play M games.(I live in America). Of course I've been playing M games since I was 4( I turned out just fine) but that's besides the point. I just bought Dragon Age Ultimate Edition and was wondering how old I have to be to register it to a Origin account?
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you can easily find that information on your own.

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... you don't have to put in your real birthday

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... you don't have to put in your real birthday

Yes I realize that but I already created a origin account a long time ago and I can't change the date of birth.
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Isn't mature 17+ anyways.  Also where did you buy it? I didn't think DAO required a origin account.  I mean if you're super worried go on EA customer support

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You should be fine.  You are 17 years old so you should have no problem registering an M rated game because your birthdate on your origin account should say you are 17 too.

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I think most of the usual internet age requirement stuff asks you to be 13 or over.