youtube videos load but wont play

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i posted awhile back on my new pc issues, and the firstpart got solved eventually, but I'm still having this youtube issue, the videos still loads and i can still preview the videos when i move the mouse on the play bar know...above "play" lol ANYWAYS ive posted on google's forms so ill just copy past what i said there here aswell :)

"Ive been having the same issues on all my new pcs, Ive used most if not all of the different web browsers, installed/uninstalled java/flash more times then i can remember, Ive disabled/enabled the hardware acceleration under option on the videos, Ive tried 32bit/64bit versions of all browsers/flash/java, Ive updated/repair/uninstall/reinstalled C++, and still nothen...same per-loaded unplayable YouTube videos, and if your like me, its just your YouTube, other video players on other sites works....FML lol i really hope someone out there can help"

heres my origonal post on gamespot:

we now have 4 new pc.....and the only one that youtube works on is my gaming pc, witch is the oldest...figures