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Does anyone know if there are any good world war 1 games out there? I've been trying to find one but I've had no luck, I badly want to fight in the trenches, But as many people have told me before it would be to slow, I don't think so, Anyone know a good or some good World War 1 games?
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There isnt any 'true to life' WW1 games as far as i know. Iron Storm is a WW1 game, but an alternate history version of it.
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The only games I can think of are "Red Baron" type flying games.

I agree with you though, WW I games could be interesting. The fighting was brutal, and on an infantry basis, perhaps more so than in WW II. Deadly German phosgene gas and mustard gas (which were not used in WW II on the battlefield) only added to the horrors. There was little tolerance; the British even shot their own deserters by firing squad. The Battle of the Somme was the deadliest battle in human history, with a million casualties. While WW II had more interesting battle tactics, and large exchanges of territory, you would think there should be one WW I game -which might, to a very limited extent, peak an interest in that historical era. 

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I assume from your post your mean only FPS games. There are a few WWI mods out for games like Battlefield 2, Operation Flashpoint, and 2 or 3 for Half Life 2 but nothing specifically designed as a WWI game.

f you're thinking of other genres, there is a new WWI flight sim out now called First Eagles which you can get via direct download. There's also a new one scheduled for late spring/early summer called Knights of the Sky. If you have CFS3, you can download a free mod called Over Flanders Fields.

If you're into naval stuff, there are a few WWI sub sims coming out called Shells of Fury and Imperial U Flotilla 1914-1918.

There are a few RTS type games as well but they've all received pretty mediocre reviews.  One that did get a fair number of high reviews (as well as a lot of middling ones) is Entente.  Not specifically WWI, but including it is Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun.

For more complex wargames, there isn't a lot out there for PC.  The only title I can think of off hand is Naval Campaigns 1: Jutland by HPS games.

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Yeah i guess WW 1 isn't the best war to have a game made of off because WWII as a lot of famous weapons was more intense (or said to be) and Famous Moments