whats the best laptop for gaming?

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laptops for gaming is a bad idea. its more expensive for the same specs and it the machine has a good chance of burning out and breaking in 2 years.

That said if you want an Xbox level experience you could get a bottom of the line Chromebook....sorry I could not resist.

HOWEVER...If I was to go mobile for my gaming I would be interested in looking at this:

razer tablet

I would like to see what it could do for remote control cars and such

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I bought a gaming laptop back in May when Haswell launched. I also have a haswell desktop so this was for my business trips. I went with sagar and really like the laptop I got for 1400. i7 4700mq and amd 8970m. The thing is big which is the one downside. I have heard the form factor of the razor is awesome, but 900p display

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I don't have a specific brand or model. But, a laptop to be used for gaming should have cooling and ventilation to suit the job. A business laptop may have a more powerful CPU and GPU. But, if the layout is still that of a business laptop and not optimized for gaming, that could mean trouble later on.

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I'm happy with my 14" (1366x768) ASUS G46VW. It's quite modest for a gaming laptop. It plays Crysis 3 (Med textures, High detail, FXAA), Far Cry 3 (High-Very High, 2xAA), Metro Last Light (High, DX10), Napoleon: Total War, Mass Effect Trilogy, satisfactory enough for my tastes.......

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I would go for this as my first choice and one of these as a second. But really, I wouldn't do any gaming on a laptop, I think a PC is way better as a whole for gaming. You should really only get a gaming laptop if you have absolutely no other choice AND ALSO no budget limits.

I would get an ultrabook + a PC if I were you and had the option.

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Laptops are generally fine for gaming, anandtech did an article somewhere. If you want a gaming laptop check out sager if you want a good price/performance

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If you are going to spend a lot on a gaming laptop, then buy one with really good cooling.

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Laptops are generally fine for gaming, anandtech did an article somewhere. If you want a gaming laptop check out sager if you want a good price/performance

I wish that 13" Sager with a GT 765m was available last year. I would've bought that instead of my 14" ASUS.

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I got a clevo P170SM last year. 16Gb ram, geforce 780M, i7 4700MQ. it has space for 4 HDDs (2 sata and 2 msata) or 3 HDDs and a DVD drive. im quite happy with it. cooling is good (can sustain 850MHz for my GPU in a sustained furmark test). its not too loud in light use and not unbearable under heavy use (though i wear headphone when gaming on it). the screen is also nice and its built like a tank. the backlit keyboard is also nice.

speakers are a bit dissapointing though and i would prefer the audio jaks and dvd drive to be on the left side rather than right. although personally i am not fussy, if you want a sleek and elegant looking laptop then the P170SM is pretty much the opposite of that. its also not a boy racer looking laptop (though that can change depending on where you buy it from. mine has no branding). its a big black slab and it comes in a plain box with basic (though robust) packaging.

not recommended if you plan to move it around a lot. both it and its power brick weigh quite a bit. if you want to play games with it on your lap then some sort of desk to put under it is also required. the fans suck air in from the bottom.

as other mentioned though you need to look at several factors.

Do you plan to carry it around a lot? if yes then 15" or smaller. if not then a 17" is a nice option.

how much do you have?

what games do you want to play? generally the GPU cant be upgraded (or at best its not straight forward) in a laptop so if you want to play games at the best settings for a few years then be prepared to open that wallet.

how is the cooling? (an i7 and a 780M being cooled by one fan and one heatpipe? walk away. itll be very loud and very very toasty). look at where the vents are. i saw a latop from dell where the vent was actually blocked by the screen when it was opened. this was a gaming laptop with a blocked vent. needless to say the laptop didnt last very long.

does it really have to be a laptop? a desktop will offer far better performance for the same money or the same performance for less money.

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Whats the point of buying a laptop for gaming when most people will treat it like a desktop but if your heart is set on one then your going to need a cooling pad. Also don't expect to play games on the best settings and accept them one average.

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Lenovo Y510p.... /thread

it is the best kept secret of laptop gamers. excellent power, half the price of other manufacturers.

• 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor (2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB)• Windows 8.1 64• 15.6" FHD LED AntiGlare with integrated camera (1920x1080)• NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (SLI) GDDR5 2GB• 16.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz• 1TB 5400 RPM + 24GB SSD• Ultrabay SLI Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (SLI) GDDR5 2GB• Intel 7260 b/g/n Wireless (2x2 BGN)• Bluetooth Version 4.0• One year• 6 Cell 72 Watt Hour Lithium-Ion

like $1150... it will play anything currently out, including battlefield 4 at, or very near max.