Recording gameplay footage in PC games

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but how do you record gameplay footage from PC games? The only way I know how to do it is to take a video camera and record the monitor. I know there's a better way but how?
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The other alternative is using games that have built in recording systems like the Source Demo Recorcer in all of Valves games.

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Don't you need to buy Fraps in order to record game footage?
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Using a free version, you've got the fraps url overlayed on all your videos, and you're limited to 30 seconds. You can just take a seriesof 30 second videos and use some editing software to stick them all together.

Or, you could buy it. It's not expensive and it's a great utility.

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Or, you could buy it. It's not expensive and it's a great utility.


Yeah, it's a great value considering you get lifetime upgrades.

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ya its really great thanx for pointing me in the right direction
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Xfire has a record function.
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I like Macvide ScreenCap for record screen...may be rhis prog will help anybody, sorry so late...
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Fraps is the best option, but you will lose around of 1/3 of your performance recording with Fraps. Another option is the Xfire recording feature; has the advantage that is free, but cuts to 1/2 your framerrate and is less powerful than Fraps. The third option is using a external cam to screening, and the fourth the use of a recording video card as the Pinnacle ones. You can also use a VCR to bridge the video signal from your PC to the display, but overall Fraps is still the cheapest and most effective way to recording video games gameplay, cinematics, etc.

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I prefer growler guncam over fraps. Less hit on system resources compared to fraps, End avi's are smaller since it uses divx compared to uncompressed avi's of fraps, and it allows you to do simple video editing before forming your avi (growler records into .gcf files which you then can edit and export to avi's. Also, the free version is full for 14 days with all options enabled compared to fraps 30 sec demo version.

Cons: No fps overlay like fraps has. Not as simple to setup at beginning compared to the fraps install and done.

If you on vista or windows 7, you would want to check this video out as it shows how to install it on those Os's (guncam was designed for xp and has not been updated)

Growler guncam can be downloaded at

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Yep, Macvide ScreenCap is very powerful and easy to use program. Thanks, yax!
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Wegame is the best client I've seen, using the web settings causes the least input lag and framerate hit of any capture software I've seen. Doesn't work on every game though. Go here for a list of games it supports

Everyone will tell you fraps is the best but I couldn't disagree more, the input lag and framerate hit make it virtually unuseable.

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yeah FRAPS can create a lil lag in your game. the best fps you can set it for is 30. recording at full-screen is a larger file that half-screen. And plus, if you want to record the speaker and mic audio at the same time using the same program, Fraps is the only one that i have found that can do that.