Ragnarok Online: Best job

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#1 Posted by Borat316 (22 posts) -
Well I've played RO for a while now, and I've heard allot of things like that job sucks and my jobs the best.... but i want to hear allyour opinions on what is the best RO job and why.
#2 Posted by edgeofforever (349 posts) -
I didn't try all of the classes, but the one that I enjoyed the most was the Crusader. I used a Grand Cross-build to level fast, although GC could be really worthless at times.
#3 Posted by DGFreak (2234 posts) -
I enjoyed playing as a Crusader. I prefer beating stuff up than hitting it with spells and whatnot.
#4 Posted by Borat316 (22 posts) -
ya crusader kinda cool butmy fvae would have to be hunter. i used a couple of traps and that helped me alot
#5 Posted by PredatorRules (8591 posts) -

all jobs are good - this game meant to be like Guild Wars (PvP style - Arena)but the endless grinding total ruined it - it sucks

my favorite are Assassin, Monk but all jobs are good

#6 Posted by Grimmjow_J (53 posts) -
Sinx (trans od assasin) and Chapions r the best and if u r realy rich become a creator i had all three of them ^^ and owned WOE