Post your gameplay videos - now with video Embedding

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Sean, your Alone playthrough was hilarious. XD

Thanks dude :D

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Putting a whiterun guard in a strangle hold :D

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Some comical AC IV glitches I've run into

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My latest work. I hope you enjoy. :)

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bf4 m416 advert i made, i'd like to think its funny.

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One of the new China Rising Maps

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Hi guys.

I thought this would be an opportune time to introduce myself and our show - The Killer Bits, a monthly magazine format show with news, views and reveiws.

Our Christmas/Game of the Year episode hit the channel yesterday and is definitely worth checking out if only to watch the presenters suffer to bring you their Worst Game of the Year (watch the episode and you'll see what I mean). We also have a huge haul of prizes to give away in what has to be our biggest competition to date. Anyway go check it out.

Obviously, if you like the show you can drop us a like or a comment. And you can always show you support for what we are doing by hitting that subscribe button.

-Jon @ The Killer Bits

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dayz standalone first look and new features. Recommend watching if you are considering whether to buy it or not.

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Gamespot being broken again

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I hated doing the COD Playthrough, It wasn't...... Enjoyable.
Fighting is Magic, I enjoy doing it.

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quick way top regain health in dayz

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This was fun.

DayZ: Captive Interaction Simulator

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Assetto Corsa with 3x24" nvidia surround :-)