Non-violent pc games suggestions ?

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Advice please,  I am looking for non violent pc games.   Such as, Dreamfall, The Longest Journey, Ankh, Secret Files:Tunguska, Myst series.  I am getting desperate because I am almost finished with the game I'm playing now.  Any suggestions??? Thanks

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The Civilization games are definitely tons of fun and non-violent (well, I suppose you CAN start wars if you'd like). Sim City 4
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I would recommend  a point and click game called Curse of monkey Island or Broken Sword (Although it contains some violence). They are relatively old but as a result cheap but are still great puzzle/adventure games. You could also try the movies where you run your own movie studio and make you own movies. 
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there are hundred and hundreds of non-violent games out there

if you want literally no violence, check out tycoon games such as the sims 2, sim city 3000 or rollercoaster tycoon - these are generally games where you build and manage rather than destroy - build a city, build a house and its inhabitants, build a theme park, and so forth - there's also a fun little game called ghost master, where you have to use various supernatural buddies of yours, each with specific abilities, to scare the inhabitants out of a house - fun game

just about every driving game ever made should be okay (but avoid road rash!!!), or sports games (avoid speedball 2!!!)

just about every point n click adventure game is okay - the monkey island games, grim fandango and the broken sword games are fine examples (and this is clearly a genre you enjoy, so check these out for sure)

if you're okay with violent context, but no particular violence itself - then check out civilization 4 - it's a turn based game where you build empires and manage your economic and tecnhological (and military) growth, war is a factor - but it's hard to call it violent - it could be compared with chess (and is a great, great game - check out the demo)

there's also all the great (non-violent-ish) roleplaying games like baldur's gate 1 and 2 and planescape torment and neverwinter nights - while combat features heavily in each, it's again hard to call it violent, you get worse in cartoons for kids

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Roboblitz (uses Unreal Engine 3 :) ) GTR 2 (racing) Flat Out 2 (funnest racing game I have played)
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Most adventure games are non-violent:

Syberia 1 & 2  

Sam and Max series

Grim Fandango

Broken Sword Series (well most of the story involve with death)

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A guilty pleasure of mine is The Sims 2.

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isnt dreamfall rated M for blood/violence?
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GTR 2 is one of the best racing games ever

the RollerCoaster Tycoon series is awesome, i havent played the 3rd one but i heard its really fun 

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Rainbow Doom
Battlefield 2: Hug Edition
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most simulators like flight simulator is usually good, sports games (EA brand has a good number of these) would probably fit under their too but essentially those will be slightly older games as they tend not to do well in a PC market (not to say their not good games with some enjoyment in them). If your also reallly..really i need of some non-violent games u could always ROM and Emulator games from old game consoles like snes, gba, N64, and a host of others.
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Thief 3: Deadly Shadows (Some violence though) It´s an action stealth game.


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It sounds like you are looking for an RPG. For non-rpg, Virtual Skipper 3 or 4 (yacht racing) are a lot of fun in single player or multi. 

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1. All of the "Tycoon" games (Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon etc.)

2. The Sims 1 or 2.

3. Sims City



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Lego StarWars II
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Rainbow Doom
Battlefield 2: Hug Editionkrimla
Awesome :) Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Sunshine Village
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this one
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get Gun its defintly not violent in any way :D
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[QUOTE="krimla"]Rainbow Doom
Battlefield 2: Hug Editionacsguitar
Awesome :) Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Sunshine Village

Splinter Cell: Hide and Seek

Command and Conquer: Carebearian Sun

Teletubbies: Total War

Hmm what other non-violent games are out there?....

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Europe Universalis 1-3

Hearts of Iron 1 or 2




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Check out for winning eleven series, unless you are concerned about violent faults:D
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I respect you my friend!
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I would recommend a point and click game called Curse of monkey Island or Broken Sword (Although it contains some violence). They are relatively old but as a result cheap but are still great puzzle/adventure games. You could also try the movies where you run your own movie studio and make you own movies. Gavin2232
The movies can be a bit violent.
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Some people need to stop being so immature and honestly answer the original poster's question. It's not that hard. If you're too ignorant to do so, do not reply to the thread--simple as that.
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Prototype is excellent

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Nancy Drew : Adventure pack on steam, 6 games for $60

Tales of Monkey Island complete pack for $35

You know what, just go here, give you a good idea what games are out there

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Beyond Good and Evil
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Stolen, Dracula 3 - Path of the Dragon,Crayon Physics(nice game actually ),World of Goo,BrainPipe...All i can think of for now. BTW people like games cause of violently bloody gore goodness.
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I know it's late to comment on this (4 years late) but a great non violent game coming out soon is Dead Rising 3: Tweenies revenge
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Postal 2

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second life.