No Mouse Pointer in Counter-Strike Source

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#1 Posted by Swikity (8 posts) -

My mouse pointer won't show up no matter what Source game I'm playing.

Doesn't matter if I'm moving it or not, it just won't show up at all.

This is extremely frusterating.

Any ideas?

#2 Posted by grassdream (1902 posts) -
get a dry erase marker and put a dot in the center of your monitor
#3 Posted by Swikity (8 posts) -

-.-' I don't mean in game, because I haven't eve gotten there yet.

I mean in the menu, in everything there's no mouse cursor so it's extremely frusterating going through the menu and picking a game, etc.

#4 Posted by GamerBoy32 (1 posts) -
when im in the menus i cant see the mouse pointer to click on anything. How do i fix it?
#5 Posted by skywarp001 (199 posts) -

use the keyboard to navigate to the options and controls then advance and enable console. Search the net for the command list and enter the command for the show cursor.