Looking for an old game. Please help me track it down!

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Hey, I'm looking for a game I used to play that's probably about 15 years old. It's a flyover game - one of those ones where the screen scrolls down and you have an Ariel view of your plane and the ground. You got levels to complete with 'bosses' at the end. You used to earn money for all the guys you shot, and at the end of every level you could buy new weapons. You also had to buy your shields. You could get two types of shields. I remember some of the gun names. You could get all the basics like machine guns, but then you could add on bombs, a machine gun turret, photon cannons, and the most expensive was a laser gun turret. Both of the turret guns were auto tracking and would shoot backwards. That's about all I can remember. Please help, I'd love to see this again. Thanks heaps.
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Only one that comes to mind is Tyrian


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Nope, not tyrian. Thanks though.
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That Tyrian article had a reference to the game though! It was Raptor: Call of the shadows! Thanks heaps - I never expected to have the answer so quickly.