I need info of the beyerdynamic dtx 710 headphones

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Since the audio and video forum is no longer, I think I should ask here. does the ear pads for the headphones don't get too hot during the summer? I'm asking this because its summer through out the year here and these cheap headphones I'm using make my ears very hot.

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You might be better off with open back headphones, assuming they're for home use.

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do open back headphones have better earpads or something?

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@TheShadowLord07 said:

do open back headphones have better earpads or something?

I assume he means that open back headphones has better ventilation since they are not closed.

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ok I'll look into them. is this akg 142 hd ok? I heard it's not comfortable but I have a small head so that might help. its also in my budget range

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Give us a budget and a vague idea of usage and we can try to recommend headphones for you.

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less than a $100 and mostly for single player gaming.

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Try Sennheiser HD518, they're probably the best you'll get under $100. They're a bit bassier and less flat than the 558 which would be a better buy (but out of your budget), but you might be a bass guy for all I know.

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my logitech z506 speakers has bass , but I don't use at all so it doesn't matter to me as long a it isn't too noticeable. and I was looking at the 518 and I found them used on amazon. would it be ok to buy it used? I might be able to spend a few more on the 558 cause there is used one on amazon. but whats the difference between the two? I don't mind buying new, but I would be going with 518 of course.

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The 558 is better, so if you're happy buying used aim for them.

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would I need a sound card for either of them? i watch a youtube clip and the guy says you don't need one but I'm not sure really