how is this build?

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thoughts? I'm mostly concerned about the parts actually working.


Core i5, i5-4670K, 3.4GHz, FCLGA1150, 6MB, 4 cores/4 threads, Turbo Boost Techno

heatsink :

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Direct Touch 4 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 AM3 1366/1150/1155/1156/2011


ASRock FATAL1TY Z87 Killer ATX LGA1150 DDR3 CF SLI 3PCI-E16 4PCI-E1 SATA3 USB3.0 Motherboard


AMD Radeon RP1866 Performance Series 16GB 2X8GB DDR3-1866 PC3-14900 2R CL9 1.5V Dual Memory Kit


Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB 2.5in SATA3 SandForce SF-2281 SSD Drive READ:555MB/S WRITE:510MB/S


Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB SATA 6GB/S 7200RPM 64MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive OEM


MSI GeForce GTX 770 OC Twin Frozr IV 1098/1150MHZ 2GB 7GHZ GDDR5 2xDVI HDMI DP PCI-E 3.0 Video Card


Corsair Carbide Series 200R Black Gaming Case ATX 3X5.25 4X3.5 Front USB3.0 Audio No PSU


Corsair CX Series CX600M 600W ATX 12V 80 Plus Bronze Modular Power Supply


Microsoft Windows 8.1 64Bit English DVD OEM

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Yeah, I think you can go cheaper with the RAM dimms, you're not trying to break any benchmark records as far as I see.

any 1333/1600Mhz of 8Gb RAM would do. (make sure to pick a good brand though)

Everything else looks fine, also I hope you're aiming on SLI in the near future with that MOBO

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Not really looking at SLI. Any better suggestions

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@rabakill said:

Not really looking at SLI. Any better suggestions

MSI PC mate.

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I looked up MSI PC and didn't find anything helpful

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Find cheaper RAM lol, that's stupidly expensive.

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Looks good man. The only thing I would change would be an I-7 processor and a 10,000 RPM HDD or an SSD and of course Windows 7.

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@robokill said:

I looked up MSI PC and didn't find anything helpful

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Maybe someone that is more tech savvy can clarify, but I'm under the impression that games going forward will be utilizing 4+ cores. Couldn't he purchase a AMD cpu with more than 4 cores and it would be cheaper? Or does hyper threading really make that much of a difference?

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I'd say go for cheaper ram spend around $100 on it and spend the extra $100 on an i7 instead of an i5. Some say it doesn't matter but it's better safer then sorry when new games a recommend an i7 as the go to Intel processor.