Getting A New PC, a few questions

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So I'm going to be getting a new PC hopefully in a few weeks. I'm going to say from the beginning, I'll be getting a prebuilt system, as I'm not the most tech savvy and don't want to risk messing anything up. For the past 5 years I've had a nice Dell laptop but it's definitely not for gaming (when I got it the main purpose was to get a laptop for college, and for that it has served me very well).

However, now I'm looking for something that can run games as well as video/music editing programs.

I've been looking at the HP ENVY Phoenix 810-150se Desktop PC, but since I have never really been that into computers to know what components are needed and which are overkill I find myself stuck at this page (click on the Customize and buy option).

I was wondering if anyone could offer some help on which options go well together. I'm assuming the most expensive options go well and are the best ways to go, but I'm not sure if they may be too much.

I'd say my price range is probably between $1500 and $1750. I'm already good to go with a monitor so that won't have to go into the price.

Also if there are any other computer suggestions that would be cool.

Thanks for any help.

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@blueboxdoctor: Change Graphics card to GTX 770 (yes its the most expensive one)

Change 1st HDD to 128GB SSD

Add a 2nd HDD of 2TB or 3TB if you will use it.

Click buy

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For video/music editing programs I recommend AMD 8 cores CPUs or i7, you'd also want at least 16Gb of RAM.

Now I see in that rig has already i7k version which is good, 12Gb of RAM may be just ok for that

BUT for gaming as you've mentioned already I'd go with the GTX 760.