Game lagging when played on TV

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Hey guys,

First of all let me say that I dont think this is a gpu power issue.

So I am attempting to play strider on my 46inch samsung

I am playing it on my laptop, which is a Asus N550JK

(850m chip, I7, 7gigs of ram )

But for some reason I can getting very crappy fps

I highly doubt its due to the 850 not being strong enough to play strider on a 46inch screen, but I may be wrong.

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What is the resolution and refresh rate of your TV?

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Resolution is 1920x1080

Refresh rate is set on 59mhz

Its a 46inch samsung 3d tv UN46FH6030

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Try setting the game to run at 59fps or turn on vsync, if that doesn't do it then hopefully someone else more experienced responds lol, thats all I can think of.

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Does the game run fine on the laptop alone without use of the TV.

If it runs fine then your right it's not the laptop, if it still struggles then it will be because the 850m is not powerful enough and you'll need to lower settings to get decent fps

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@Acez626 said:


But for some reason I can getting very crappy fps


How much FPS are you getting (in numbers) ?