E6300, wait for 4mb cache or not?

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#1 Posted by blx (250 posts) -
I'm planning on building a new system at the end of this month, including a e6300 cpu, but i hear that intel are planning to raise the cache from 2 to 4 mb near the end of april. My current rig is an abolsute joke, and I can;t do anything on it, so would u say its really worth enduring a month and a half of boredom just to wait for this small (?) upgrade?

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Are you thinking about the E6320? If so, I'd try and wait a month - there's a lot of stuff coming out next month that is likely worth waiting for. And if I could go for several years on a socket "A" Athlon XP and an Nvidia GeForce 2 Ultra, you're likely fine right now.
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im getting my rig in march. i have to go with amd because of my budget. amd athlon 4200+ x2. will that still be fine. because my rig atm is a joke. geforce 4 mx440.... 512mb 100mhz sdr ..... 40gb maxtor hdd.... amd athlon xp 1700+ 1.43ghz
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NA MATE, i got me a AMD 4200 x2 and it sucks had it about 5 months now so unhappy with it that i'm buying a new mobo and intel processor in april.

New specs:

ASUS stricker Extreme Mobo

Intel QX6700  

#5 Posted by SantaD (217 posts) -
they that bad?... like long as its fine for games e.g crysis n battlefield 2 n few more future games . or is it that terrible?
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I doubt an X2 4200 sucks....
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So will the e6340  be NOTICABLY better than the e6300? because if it's not i'll just get my rig as soon as the 8600 ultra hits the shelves.  They say that you can end up waiting forever to find the best time to buy your components.. I want to be playing C&C3 before I'm entertaining my grandkids =P.
#8 Posted by Gregoroth (2552 posts) -
I'd just buy it now if I were you. It won't make much of a difference. If you want better performance then you should be looking at something like an E6600 instead of worrying about the extra 2MB cache.
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It gives about 7% performance increase.... it might sound like a decent number but like, if you get 100 fps + 7 is only 107 :P
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but wouldnt a 4300 or i can say the 4400 much better than the E6300 . cause due to high multiplier the overclocked 4300 compares itself to X6800 in most cases. but it has got 800 fsb instead of 1000 on E6 series. does that really matter?