connected my ps3 to an HDMI LCD monitor but no sound..

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#1 Posted by yawzers2003 (1 posts) -

i just bought a ps3 and lcd monitor with hdmi, vga and dvi output but no sound output. i also bought speakers to go with it. i connected the ps3 to the monitor with a HDMI cable but i didn't get any sound eventhough i got the speakers. i get the full 1080p resolution. what should i do? is there a way to get my sound to work?

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im assuming you need a preamp for the sound to work. it'd help to know what kind of sound you have, generally speakers aren't powered and need a power source for sound to come out.

edit: im assuming you're just running the video out to a monitor, i think the ps3 has an optical out which will send audio optically to a device which will accept optical in (generally mid grade 5.1 surround sound setups have this)

double edit: i just googled and depending on how your sound is setup (if you are using an optical out) i think you need to configure this in your audio settings.

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It sounds like your LCD doesn't have speakers (which is why you purchased speakers) and therefore I'm assuming your monitor doesn't have sound output. Correct? Is there a headset jack or something you're using? Does the HDMI port on that monitor take sound (most don't)?

If so, make sure your Audio settings show the audio output as HDMI. If this all doesn't work, just use the basic composite video cables that came with your PS3 (composite) and make sure the composite is your audio output (as long as HDMI remains in your Video settings, there will be no issue with the composite video cable being plugged in) and use those Red/White plugs for your audio. You may need to use adaptors to get them to all work together, but that's your best bet.