Condemned framerate issues?

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Whether I crank it up on maximum settings or play on lowest settings at the lowest resolution, the game is still crawling at 15-20 FPS. It's not the makeshift HD 4650 I'm using on my mom's computer; I can run Dishonored on lowest settings at 1024x768 with a reasonable framerate.

Anyone else had this problem? Is it just a badly optimized port? Any discernable fixes for it?

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Do you have Anti-Aliasing or Anisotropic filtering enabled? If so, try turning those off and see if perfomance improves.

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Keep experimenting with lowering settings, I've gotten it up to 50 FPS with a 4850. I record at 30 but that's actually very playable.

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Has nothing to do with video settings; that's what I thought at first too. Anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering does absolutely nothing. No matter what settings I play the game on, it starts at 60 FPSand it seems to gradually lower from there. By the time I finally ragequit, I had to have been running at a staggering 10-15 FPS. It was basically a slideshow at that point.

I raged and uninstalled the game. Heard it was a compatibility issue between the graphics engine and Logitech peripherals, but the only Logitech products plugged in are speakers. Gonna just reinstall it when my main rig finally gets fixed...was supposed to be fixed today and the motherboard was late coming in. :(

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