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ok, I went to Yahoo ansers, don't know wtf I was thinking. ok read the title and actually listen to me, PLEASE! I do not want to be referred to the gayest game in the friggen universe, A.K.A. Runescape.  I have played every MMORPG worth playing ( except for Cabal Online ) Please, all I'm asking is for good game with decent graphics that came from the stone age or RM2K(3), a good story ( I don't want the ending of the story to be reveiled in the first 3 mins of the game. No "look at what I can do" games. I want a good battle system and lvling system, please I would appreciate anyones help, I have a major case of boredom. ( also, please do not post non freeware games, I am very aware of TES4:Oblivion and all those "good rpg's" I'm not saying TES4:Oblivion isn't good, I'm saying lately console RPG's such other than Naruto Uzumaki chronicles, Tales of the abyss, Final Fantasy XII and few others suck... ) Again, Please, help would be appriciated
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Betrayal at Krondor is free legally.


An old game with pretty ugly graphics, but one of the best RPG's ever made. Might be difficult to work on Windows XP though.

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Most Freeware games just suck, it's a fact. If you want something good you're gonna have to buy or do something illegal ;) But I guess to help, the only game I can think of at the moment is TES1: Arena,
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I tried Arena... unfortuantely it ran extremely slow w/ doxbox or whatever it was I used...thanks for trying... btw, try egoboo it was MEANT for editing, its got decent graphics, 1-4 player and stuff... its an OK game... its just... no actual story and max lvl is 4... The paladin ( forget his name ) is the best charecter

cuz he can kill aombies and kick ass and has very high hp

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Betrayal at Krondor and Arena are great game.
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Betrayal at Krondor and Arena are great game.thusaha

um... I kinda know that, I just can't play Arena cuz DosBOX is too slow

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I don't care what you might say

Baldur's Gate 2 all the way!




(Freeware games suck, only lame and stupid ppl fall to playing them)

If you played BG2, play Icewind Dale. If you played that too, Planescape: Torment (which is a very different RPG than all the others and prolly the greatest in terms or RPG). IF you played that too, first you should stop complaining that modern rpgs suck, second you have to try jade empire. If (which is unlikely unless you have a console) you played that too, it's time for you to see other genres cuz u play too much RPGS :D

edit: Btw, freeware single player games are rarely made because: freeware games are actually made to attract ppl and then ask money from them, that's why almost all of them are online games or mmorpgs. 

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that is the dumbest load of uninformed crap i have ever heard. you should run for president, i think there's still space on the idiot ticket.
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To be honest the only really good game i can think of is mini ninjas. Its got a good story, Great battles, Exellent graphics and Hard bosses (end is boring)

Its offline and i think its a bit of a rpg. If your like me you can pretend the characters are saying stuff like "Take this, and that, and some of these pedro".

Its £30 and its really new, it came out sept 2009.

Hiro has kuji magic and can freeze time to decide who he wants to pwnz. he can turn into animals and stuff.

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I suggest you try Ultima Underworld 1 and 2.

You can get it here:

The site has a lot of free old games. Then you just need dosbox to run them.

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The thread title is screaming Daggerfall.

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Try some Dink Smallwood. Fun for a few hours.

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daggerfall without a doubt perhaps even elder scrolls I: arena.

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Dink Smallwood, and most of the Geneforge series is shareware

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+1 for Dink Smallwood. Love that game.. but if you're looking for a good freeware RPG with up-to-date graphics, well I dunno what the hell is wrong with you. Stop being so cheap, lol. You can get Gothic Universe for less than $10 on Amazon, which includes Gothic 1, 2 + expansion, and 3. And #3 came out two years ago I think.

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A verry good game is: Gothic 3 It's not expensiv and its offline (its better than Oblivion) because you don't need to follow the main quest, you can do whatever you want, you can kill everybody ...
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Zombie thread! And Gothic 3 isn't free anyway
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Who Told Oblivion u have to follow Main Quest? Gothic isnt better Oblivion is free roam and u can add mods and make mods and console commands Pretty much Best offline rpg
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Yay,another useless bump!
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Thread necro :(

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I can't believe this thread has already been revived for 3 times now.

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Personally, threads should be autolocked after 90 days of inactivity.

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Check out and click on the Games section. A lot of free games have been made. Yes, many are terrible, but go after the ones with good reviews.

Also check out It is a recreation, coded from scratch, of the original Zelda for the Nintendo, made for PC. A number of mods and original RPGs have been made with the engine.

This is an old thread, but I don't see a great many suggestions of free RPGs. They are out there.

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This thread is from 2007. I don't even know how it didn't get locked after it's first year long bump in 2008 :?