battlefield 3 beta not yet released?

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I got a key for BF3 beta that randomly showed up in steam while launching medal of honor. so i tried to enter the key in steam (where it came from) says invalid CD key. So i tried to enter the cd key into origin and it showed up in my library as BF3 beta but it says its not yet released. what is going on?

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That was over like 6 months ago. Betas only last until close to the release of a game. It's not a demo, or a free trial.
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Battlefield 3 has been out of Beta for a year and a half.

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Battlefield 3 has been out of Beta for a year and a half.

On paper yes...gameplay, it's not really polished yet.
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Game's been out for a looong time

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BF3 was RELEASED in 2011.
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BF3 was RELEASED in 2011.faizan_faizan
Wow it doesn't feel like it's been that long. I said 6 months ago, it's been a year and 6 months lol.
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How did you even get a STEAM beta key. The game is Origin only. 

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I thought this was a necro thread, than OP mentioned Steam and I saw the dates and I realized OP probably was duped/is high.

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The only reason to purchase the MoH series games is to get betas for Battlefield.  True story for the last 2 Medal of Honors haha