Battlefield 2 Crashes

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#1 Posted by SoberWarock (3086 posts) -

I re-installed battlefield 2 3 times in the past 6 months, and when I start it up, it ends up crashing right back into my desktop, How can I fix this, and dont say re-install becuase I did that a lot of TIMES!

#2 Posted by ProudLarry (13511 posts) -
What video card are you using?
#3 Posted by ROCKINGFOOL (1756 posts) -

you have a very old graphic card you should buy a newer one .

#4 Posted by BigD (2219 posts) -

Did you delete all the temp files? Have you changed your monitor in recently? The game tries to launch at 800x600@60Hz so if your monitor can't do that it will quit back to desktop. Check out, they have a whole section on fixing these issues.

It is also good to make sure all your drivers are up to date. 

#5 Posted by mouthforbathory (2114 posts) -

Don't forget updates.

Also to take into consideration that in-game the game likes to crash when the CPU is overloaded (it's either that or Cache spiking)  I think.   

#6 Posted by SoberWarock (3086 posts) -
I can run Battlefield 2 on my ati 9550, but this is another computer. Thank you for the link, because I found the problem, Battlefield 2 cannot play on Geforce4 video cards.