Anyone got a spare GW2 weekend trial code?

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#1 Posted by HyperWarlock (3256 posts) -
#2 Posted by JohnF111 (14051 posts) -
I'll give you one if you want.
#3 Posted by FelipeInside (25278 posts) -
Blah..... C'mon Hyper, just get the FULL Game, u'll love it......
#4 Posted by KABCOOL (1144 posts) -

IF anyone else wants one PM me

#5 Posted by vfibsux (4205 posts) -

I got one too if anyone wants one.

#6 Posted by Wanderer5 (25699 posts) -

Got some too if anyone interested.

#7 Posted by bonafidetk (3820 posts) -

I want one. PM please. I'll edit this post if I get one that works.

Also what do I need to do to play it with this code?

#8 Posted by FelipeInside (25278 posts) -
I got 3 for anyone that wants one. First in, first served. PM ur Email Address.
#9 Posted by khanabyss (11 posts) -

I got 2 left :) Pm me for an invite.