Any PC games my elementary age kids would like?

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They like Mario and games like that, anything on pc similar to that? ones my young daughters would like? I looked for Oregon trail and really didn't even see that available. They don't have to be educational games just fun games kids can play. Maybe some fun platformers or side scrollers?

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I have two elementary aged kids (11 and 8) and these are the games they really enjoy:

Minecraft - Both play the heck out of this, but mostly the 8 year old. Very creative game that's kind of like a virtual lego set.

Cubeworld - Similar to Minecraft (in art style) but more like an adventure/rpg game.

Sims 3 - The 11 year old loves this game. It's creative and allows them to manage a town full of sim people.

Steamworld Dig - Mixes mining and upgrading with platforming. Kinda like a 2D-side-scrolling-minecraft-metriod thing.

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@chriscoolguy said:

Maybe some fun platformers

Rayman Legends

I had plenty of fun and so did my sister with this awesome game, worth every cent.

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Minecraft, Marvel Heroes, Lego games, Hearthstone, and Simcity.

These are the games my 6 year old plays.

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Here are a few more options:


LEGO games


maybe Trine

You might also like to try some point'n'click adventure games, like Night Of The Rabbit.