All my games run in a small window

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Hello all, not sure if this is the right place for this question but anyway: my brother recently used his laptop to give a presentation during which he hooked it up to a projector. Since then, all the games he has have been running in a small windown in the centre of the screen. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? The computer is running Vista.

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try shift+enter

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No, that's not made a difference. Thanks for the idea though. I've had a good look around on google but can't find anything.
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So its happening to all the games that you've tried to run or only a few? Next question would be are you meaning its just not running in full screen or that its fullscreen but with tons of black around it except the actual game screen being small and in the center? I'm not sure I can help, but maybe by knowing more someone can and or I may be able to figure it out.
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try a system recovery to a date before this happened, if it's an option you choose without noticing or by mistake, it will get fixed.
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It's happening with all the games I try to run. When it runs there is a black background around the window, which is in the middle and approximately half the total area of the screen. I've tried alt-enter, ctrl-enter shift-enter, also ctrl-shift-enter and all the other combinations of those keys, I've also tried right clicking on the shortcut and changing the run drop down to maximised but it didn't make any difference. Also I uninstalled the games and reinstalled them which made no difference either.Because it's all the games I figured it must be some obscure setting somewhere in windows but I have no idea where. Thanks to everyone who's been trying to help by the way.
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Well, try the system recovery, it should work. BTW if after the system recovery you still have the same problem, post a screen picture, so I can see and explain it, to the experts.
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OK well I don't really want to do a system restore, I'll wait a day to see if anyone has any other suggestions and try it then. Thanks very much for the advice everyone.
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Look for a key that has a picture of a monitor or similar on it as a secondary function. The icon will most likely be a different color than the normal function of the key and you'll have to hold another key down to access the secondary function. Edit: I looked at one of the laptops we have here at work. It has two keys with secondary functions: one says LCD/VGA and the other says LCD/TV. What you're looking for is the key(s) that tells the laptop to switch display devices.
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OK well I don't really want to do a system restore, I'll wait a day to see if anyone has any other suggestions and try it then. Thanks very much for the advice everyone.zuk01204
lol alright. but why? why dont ya want too, a system restore is not like a big deal, you dont loose files. :?
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try changing game resoloshion(bad spelling)

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Wait, you don't loose files when you do a system restore? Is it not like a stream lined version of formatting a drive? If that's true I'll definately just do it. I figured it would be a real pain with all the backing up and whatnot I'd have to do.
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Ok what I think is that when the laptop was hooked up to the projector the resolution of the pc was changed, so try changing the resolution by right clicking on the desktop background wallpaper and going options, then settings, then changing the resolution to something else. Try setting the resoltion to the native screens resolution.
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If you're running Windows you need to hit alt + enter, not shift + enter. That will full screen a game that's running in windowed mode.

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Did you try my suggestion? It should fix you right up. I've had to do the same thing for some of our laptops here at work. They aren't playing games, but it affected the desktop and all of their programs.
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Hi guys, yeah I will be trying all your suggestions however he has taken my laptop to work again so I'm not going to be doing it until tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions.