Would the bees/wasps/hornets attack?

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Poll: Would the bees/wasps/hornets attack? (4 votes)

Yes 75%
No 25%

A woman, person who is an ethnic minority and a gay person start throwing rocks at a bee/wasp/hornet/yellow jacket hive/nest. The hive/nest breaks. Would the bees/wasps/hornets/yellow jackets attack them? If yes, I guess that makes the bees/wasps/hornets/yellow jackets bigots who should be exterminated. Unless you believe that animals are more important then people and that PETA is the greatest thing ever, in which case I guess that makes it acceptable.

#1 Posted by MrGeezer (56527 posts) -

Wow, this sure is one stupid topic.

#2 Posted by samanthademeste (1141 posts) -

@MrGeezer said:

Wow, this sure is one stupid topic.

Im poking fun at the far-left.

#3 Posted by Cynical_Buzzard (224 posts) -

I do not even know how to respond to this "topic".

#4 Posted by Master_Live (14809 posts) -

Actually, the bees would preferably attack gay people because of the honey.

#5 Posted by Shewgenja (9617 posts) -

They'd attack the white person watching everything happening, because no one likes white people.

#6 Posted by whipassmt (14034 posts) -

Attacking a gay person or minority for throwing rocks at the nest doesn't make the bees/wasps (from what I understand a hornet is a type of wasp, hornets are black. Yellowjackets are yellow with some black and are another type of wasp) bigoted, since they would "attack" (or rather defend against) a straight white guy in much the same way.

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You could also have just titled the topic: "I'm an idiot". It would have saved us a few seconds.

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But what about the anti-Africanized attack bees that are trained to hate black people?

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they would indiscriminately attack everyone in the vicinity, regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference.

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Hey TC, I think I saw you at the grocery store today.

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Time for go to bed now!

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they would attack anybody threatening their hives regardless of race, problem with racism is it deems people a threat and undesireable merely by their superficial qualities rather than their actions