What Are The Rules Of The Intervention System?

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Hey I just want to know the rules to the intervention system. Because I've read the Terms of Use and I still don't quite understand what happens when you get a strike. From what I have read, you get a warning for your first time, a week suspension for the second time, and a permanent ban for the third time. But what I don't get is that I just got banned and never got a warning. As a result of this ban (even though it was a first strike) I wasn't able to use my account for commenting and forums ever again. So here I am with a fresh new account and a fresh new start. Please fully explain the rules of this system and how long each one is put into effect (except for the second strike, of course). Anyways, please explain the rules of the intervention system you have for troublemakers and explain the effects and time of the strike system as well.

[Oh and please, if you are a moderator, do not ban me for posting this or I will appeal to the staff to lecture you if you do that to me. Or I will even take even deeper measures and bring it to a higher level, let's just say. If you are a moderator and recognize me, just forgive me; what's past is past, and I'll do my best to avoid trouble ever again. But if you do victimize me like in the past, I will report you to higher people either on this site or outside of the cyber world. I will begin using a proxy server once I obtain at least 25 posts to prevent moderators from trolling me and tracking me down. The moderator that victimized me knows exactly who they are, so other moderators, feel free to help me and tell that certain someone to have better manners!]

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This isn't the way to go with this. If rules weren't followed, complain to the Community Managers (digitaldame, ohaifrancy, girlparts). Unless you posted porn or gave someone a death threat you shouldn't be outright banned; they'll take care of it.

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Are you the real Edward Snowden? :O

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@johnd13: Didn't even look at his name. I think that might have something to do with why he was banned XD

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@korvus said:

This isn't the way to go with this. If rules weren't followed, complain to the Community Managers (digitaldame, ohaifrancy, girlparts). Unless you posted porn or gave someone a death threat you shouldn't be outright banned; they'll take care of it.

Two things I don't understand about the death threat thing.

1.The users of this site (or any given site) live miles away from each other , even millions of miles away (for instance you live in Holland ,me and mjorch in Persia , Indzman in India ,Kevlar 101 in Tennessee,another dude in California , another guy in Paris ,another guy in Mississippi and so on) and almost nobody knows where exactly to find another user.All they may know of each other's locations is at most a country name or at the very most a city name.So, why would anyone care if somebody threatened somebody else to death ?

2.Suppose that somebody , knows exactly where somebody else lives.And he is mad enough to kill the other person , so threatens to do so and puts his shoes on and goes off to the person to kill that person.Now , will banning him ,prevent him from killing the other person and save the poor guy's life?

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@elkoldo: Short answer: Not my problem anymore =P

Semi-long answer: Just because I tell you I live in the NL doesn't make it so; you can be a nice guy, trust me and be right to, but I can also live in your neighborhood. Many people are also careless enough to describe exactly where they live, sometimes even stupid enough to say "oh yeah tough guy? This is my address, come get me" (When I was in school one of my classmates did that and it was his actual address, nothing came of it, but still...).

Also, as far as I know, death threats are also reported to the authorities, it's not just the ban. But to put it simply, if I can't say "Go fuck yourself" it makes sense that I can't say "I'll kill you and your whole family", don't you think? The difference is that one is a strike and a temp-ban, and the other is permaban and possible report to the authorities.

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@korvus: If I can't say "Go fuck yourself" I won't be able to say "I'll fucking kill you" either , that much is true , but if I somehow say "I'll kill you" , and seriously intend to do so , and if I somehow get your address too, even banning me or possibly reporting me to higher-ups won't do the slightest to prevent me from killing you , right ?

So , to sum up , I'm suggesting that whether or not a user knows where another user lives, whether or not he's serious in threatening , a ban or a possible report to higher-ups are useless.

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@elkoldo: How do you figure?

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@korvus: How do I figure what ?

(just received your pm ,watch for a pm from me =P )

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@elkoldo: How do you figure it doesn't do anything? Because by the time it's investigated it'll be too late? I don't know about you, but if I hear my neighbor yell "I'm getting my fucking gun and I'm going to fucking kill you with it" (Never knew of anyone who owned a gun, but it's an example =P) I know that if the guy is serious the police will probably arrive too late, but I still need to make the call, right?

Same situation here. Community Managers have the obligation to report such things, whether they think it'll be in time to prevent something from happening or not.

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@korvus: Well...yeah ,you're probably right.Yeah.