Recommend me a drama show

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So I have Watched Breaking Bad,The Wire,Dexter and Sherlock.Which show should i watch next?

It should be kind of Mystery and must be great critically.Please don't recommend A Game of Thrones.

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The Sopranos.

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@Master_Live said:

The Sopranos.


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Mad Men is great.

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Deadwood, Brotherhood (loosely based on true story), first season of Underbelly (also based on true story), Oz (the original graphic drama). Not mystery but Six Feet Under is outstanding. Sons of Anarchy.

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Justified and Luther are both very solid shows.

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@cain006 said:

Mad Men is great.

I have watched Mad Men till season 5.Might give Sopranos a try but any other recommendation?

@Lord_Daemon and jrmorgan23 can you give just a bit of plot of all those shows?

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Watch The Wire again.


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The fall

Top of the lake

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Oh and broadchurch