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Thegerg seems to have quit, so I will take over hosting for now. Here is a voting thread based on the nominations from the nomination thread.

1. Friendliest User - Indzman, Dave123321

2. Rookie of the year- Deeliman, Makhaidos

3. User Most Likely to be Responded to with "WTF?" - BluRayHiDef, thegerg, southy, 4myamuzumament, hoodedjustice3, playmynutz, ultimate-k

4. User Who Should Post More - Pirate700, MissLibrarian

5. User Who Should Take It Easy/Stay Away From the "New Topic" Button - BluRayHiDef, Mrduckbears3

6. Most Tolerable Mod - Hallenbeck77, Master_Live, nocoolnamejim

7. Best sig/avatar combo - Bobakuzero, AmazonTreeBoa, Byshop, ferrari2001, Pirate700, PrincessGomez92

8. Worst Combo - TheGerg + OT, GazaAli + themajormayor

9. Most Politically Absurd User - Laihendi, Stesalius

10. Most Outrageous LOLOMGWTF TC - Sniper4321, BluRayHiDef

11. Most Under-appreciated User - Pie-Junior, Bossperson, VaguelyTagged, Master_Live, Canuck3000, AK, Indzman

12. Blowhardiest User - Fightingfan, GalvatronType_R, GazaAli, Nibroc420, thegerg

13. Hilarious One-Liner of the Year - "Although I am looking forward to the inevitable battle between the OT Jew crew (Darkman, pie-junior, majormayor) and this guy"; "Which one? There were several. My personal favorite was this one:..."; "Yet everywhere we go, we find them..." (talking about rocks)

14. Meme that Should Disappear Forever - Trollface, Rustled Jimmies

15. Best Troll - Bucked, Entire Gamespot Staff, Sniper4321, Nibroc420

16. Biggest Ego - Foxhound, Wiseboi, Aljosa, Fightingfan, airshocker, themajormayor, LJS, GalvatronType_R

17. The "Holy Shit, You're a Girl!" Award - Sunsha, Dave123321

18. Drama Queen - LJS, GazaAli

19. Most WTF Post - "If you are smart then you can overcome mental disorders through rational thinking"; "Yet everywhere we go, we find them..." (talking about rocks)

20. The "Let's Not Let This Thread Happen Again" Award - Any flame war, rape topics

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Nu uh.

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3.blu ray

4. Miss librarian

5. Mdruckereretet



8. Thegerg and OT


10. Blu

11. Pie jr

12. Thegerg

13. J crew

14. Troll face

15. Bucked was really really effective

16. Foxy

17. Dave


19. Mental disorder rational thought

20. Rape

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>17. The "Holy Shit, You're a Girl!" Award - Sunsha, Dave123321


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Who brought up sunsha I the first place

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I can't decide between the various quotes in the "Hilarious One-Liner of the Year" category as they're all hilarious in their own ways. Such a conundrum.

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1. dave


3.blu ray





8.TheGerg + OT













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I went back reading as far as October 9, 2013. The day of the schism. I think we should mark that date as Pre-Schism and Post-Schism. To me this are the Post-Schism OTscars and so it should be reflected that way on the nominees. *Nominees are listed alphabetically so no favoritism could be implied.

1-Friendliest user:

  • dave123321 (Dave posting has always felt to me like a Seinfeld character, silly, aloof and innocuous. He is Gamespot's Kramer.)
  • indzman

2-Rookie of the year: (Both actually joined on 2013)

  • deeliman
  • Makhaidos

3-Most likely to be responded to with "WTF?":

  • 4myAmuzumament
  • BluRayHiDef
  • hoodedjustice3
  • playmynutz
  • ultimate-k

4-User who should post more:

  • Airshocker
  • Jacobistheman
  • JML897
  • MrGeezer
  • Pirate700

5-User who should take it easy/stay away from the "new topic" button:

6-Most tolerable Mod:

  • Hallenbeck77

7-Best sig/avatar combo:

  • AmazonTreeBoa: With a creepy eye as his avatar which seems to be keeping an eye (get it?) on the hill, precious Selena keeps an eye on you. Illuminati much?
  • Byshop; [This is a special recognition, like people who wanted Scarlett Johansson nominated this year for an Oscar for her role as the voice of the OS in the movie Her but couldn't since the Academy requires the actors to appear fiscally], (Anyways, I like how Byshop always ends his post with "-Byshop", it makes me laugh).
  • ferrari2001: (With a matching red that pops at you, he even has eponymous Ferrari as a banner cover on his profile page).
  • Pirate700: (Colorful and funny even if I have no idea to which cartoon, if any, it refers too).
  • PrincessGomez92: (Always dynamic and fresh, you can always on her sig to good you some I candy. More Taylor Swift please).

8-Worst combo:

9-Most politically absurd user:

  • Laihendi
  • Stesalius
  • ultimate-k

10-Most outrageous LOLOMGFTW TC:

  • 4myAmuzumament
  • hoodedjustice3
  • ultimate-k,

11-Most under appreciated user:

  • indzman

12-Blowhardiest user:

  • GalvatronType_R
  • GazaAli
  • Nibroc420
  • thegerg

13-Hilarious one-liner of the year:

14-Meme that should disappear forever:

15-Best troll:

  • Nibroc420
  • Sniper4321

16-Biggest ego:

  • GalvatronType_R

17-The "holy shit, you're a girl!" girl:

18-Drama queen:

  • LJS9502_basic

19-Most "WTF?" post:

20-The "let's not let this thread happen again" award:

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One vote pert category masterlive

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18. LJS.

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yucky anual thread