Is Blu-Ray the last of physical media?

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In all honesty, I think it is. Everyone is moving on to digital distribution and the people that aren't will eventually be dragged along. Blu-Ray will most likely be the last we will see of physical media like Games, Movies, Music etc.

I'm not saying it's going to happen soon, but in the next 5 years digital distribution will really kick in.

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To be more specific many people actually enjoy physical copies. They like being able to hold their product in their hand and display it on the shelf.

The collecter's market alone is large enough to keep physical alive.

Digital download will get allot bigger, but never kill off Physical.

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No. You do understand many folks don't have digital access. And even some that do don't have the bandwith to spare--its all limited. Off topic: thank god comcast removed its stupid 250gb limit crap. Not sure what the limit is now though.

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Doubt it is. Now, it'll be a while before we see a new format. And music on a Blu-Ray disc? Damn, that's 25GB-50GB of lots of music. :P

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I highly doubt it.
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I think Blu-Ray might be the last widely adopted physical media. I suspect in future, physical media will see about the same adoption as Records today.
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No not really. With the adoption of bandwidth caps and whatnot I actually see media such as for games going into another direction eventually. One I've considered is SSD route via flash drives. Go in and load up on games, music, and movies. I am well aware of Cloud tech and how it is the digital kin of flash drives. Still. I think the next major step in physical media is not the type but the ability to easily blend digital with easily reusable physical. The internet isn't going to change much but on the end user's experience I think we are all going to see a roadblock coming in terms of gluttony of data consumption.
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I don't think its necessarily going to be the last physical format for movies (or games) , but it is a fact that digital streaming of films is popular , and it is biting into the sales of the physical format (its also part of the reason why Blu Ray didn't catch on as much as DVD has)

I don't know if physical media will go away, but it will get less popular,

although at the same time, alot of places in the world still have a slow/limited download rate internet connection , or lack internet alltogether, and as long as these places remain, there will be physical media.

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hopefully not. I like owning a physical copy of the games and movies that I buy.

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BD has a much larger shelf life than DVD, You're looking at 250GB on one layered disc.

That's enough to cover both this generation of HD and the upcoming 4K res. I can't say it'l be the last but it's here to stay for a very long time (at least another decade)