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For a business club at our school, I was in a group which opened a local store. We talked about creating a Facebook page for the store, so I (without contacting any of the officers or other students) created the page and never told anybody about it. The page got a lot of likes, but the other members created an "official" page, which didn't get as many likes as my own page. My team found out about it, angrily messaged me on Facebook, and I apologized and took down the page and I haven't seen them since. We have a meeting at the beginning of January, so I will be seeing them again, and am worried about my standing in the organization or with the team. I have since been excessively consumed with guilt and fear. What should I do?

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Ask them, not us.

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reactive it and inform everyone on your page to go over to other?

create event and at the top put link to the official one